Oxfordshire, England
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The Pembroke planter is a simple, tall and truly elegant design. Made in Iroko, Oak or Accoya™ for painting.

The vertical planks are subtly fluted to achieve a tapered shape, with the whole planter rounded off with a graceful arched top dressed with lead or copper. To finish off this elegant planter a black walnut disc is inset into the central vertical plank, just below the apex of the arch.

The central plank on the 50cm planter is 140mm wide with 90mm side panels. On the 64cm, the main plank is 200mm wide, with 110mm side planks.

Design Components

Central plank – 140mm side panels 90mm
Central plank – 200mm side planks 110mm

L x W x H cm

50 x 50 x 72
64 x 64 X 100

The process in Lead weathering

Payment Cards

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