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Still revelling in the limelight of appearing in the recently aired programme Grand Designs Trade Secrets, Accoya™ is proving to be a star performer in the Oxford Planters line-up. On the More4 channel shown on 13/feb/08 Accoya™ was raved over for its durability and strength. We secured an exclusive deal for the use of Accoya™ for the Oxford Planters range following a chance meeting with the company‚Äôs executive.

Painted products manufactured and designed by Oxford Planters are now made in Accoya™.

Accoya™ is a new environmentally compatible wood using a modification technique that generates the durability and dimensional stability found in the best performing tropical hardwoods.

The secret of Accoya™ lies in the use of a vinegar process which boosts the numbers of acetyl molecules which are naturally occulting in wood.

  • FSC and PEFC accredited
  • 100% recyclable
  • 3 x more durable and stable than softwood and hardwood
  • Excellent performance in strength, hardness and colour
  • 75% less shrinkage and swelling than softwoods and hardwoods
  • 25 year below ground and rot guarantee
  • 50 year above ground guarantee

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